The Atlantic hurricane season for 2024 exhibits a strong potential for above-average activity. Regions that experienced minimal impact in 2023 should be prepared for a heightened threat.

Emerging data suggests a shift from El Niño to La Niña conditions, which historically correlates with increased tropical cyclone formation in the Atlantic basin. Furthermore, exceptionally warm sea surface temperatures in the northeastern Pacific Ocean may contribute to a large-scale atmospheric pattern reminiscent of the years 2005, 2007, and 2020. These past seasons witnessed a significant number of storms tracking towards the United States.


Basin Forecast

Names Storms 25-30
Hurricanes 14-16
Major Hurricanes 6-8
Total ACE 200-240

Note that this comes out to an average ACE per storm of 8.

Impact Forecast

Named storm Impacts 10-14
Hurricane Impacts 5-8
Major Hurricane Impacts 3-5


wind safe shutters hurricane season 2024


An analysis of the forecast map reveals a complete absence of regions anticipating below-average tropical cyclone activity. Notably, the areas of greatest concern lie within a cone encompassing a range of 2-3 times the typical level of activity. This cone is projected to directly impact our coastline, including the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

Recent developments suggest a high likelihood of the previously anticipated El Niño event transitioning rapidly into a La Niña phase. Historically, such a shift coincides with elevated tropical cyclone formation within the Atlantic basin.

Wind Safe Shutters will continue to provide updates as further information emerges. To proactively prepare for the upcoming season, we encourage you to explore our protective solutions for your home and family.