How Do Hurricane Impact Windows Work?

how do hurricane impact windows work

Extreme weather is a fact of life in Florida. Tropical cyclones that rip through the Sunshine State bring wind speeds well over 100 miles per hour. These devastating storms wreak havoc on any structure that isn’t properly fortified against the elements. 

When a hurricane moves through your neighborhood, your windows present the greatest vulnerability for letting the storm break through your home’s defenses. 

For homeowners who need an effective and comprehensive strategy for protecting the openings in their homes, hurricane impact windows are an effective solution.

Unlike other forms of hurricane protection, hurricane impact windows remain permanently installed without any additional equipment or maintenance needed.

In recent years, more and more property owners in Florida have replaced their traditional windows with hurricane impact windows. Let’s learn how this powerful form of storm protection works and review a few surprising additional benefits, such as UV light filtering and outside noise reduction. 

What Is a Hurricane Impact Window?

Hurricane impact windows are products made. A hurricane impact window is a window made with layers of ultra-strong laminated glass. The glass panes are designed specifically to prevent shattering shards of glass  during extreme weather events. 

Hurricane impact windows are sized and custom manufactured to fit the existing window openings in your home or workplace. 

Impact windows can be used to replace basic glass in spaces as large as storefront windows, as small as the glass sections in residential doors, or for any window size in between. 

Constructed from a sturdier form of glass than traditional windows, hurricane impact windows can withstand intense storm forces such as strong winds, intense rains and high waters, and large pieces of flying debris meeting or exceeding hurricane standards

Impact window glass undergoes rigorous testing to ensure hurricane-proof strength. During product testing, the glass is pitted against the force of a five-pound steel ball dropped from a height of 40 feet, as well as a 16-pound bowling ball dropped from 10 feet. 

Impact windows from Wind Safe Shutters surpass the maximum test standards of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., a nonprofit safety testing group. 

Benefits of Installing Hurricane Impact Windows 

Hurricane impact windows protect your home against storms. Additionally, high-quality impact windows provide an exciting number of additional benefits, including: 

  • Permanent installation
  • UV light filtering
  • Outside noise reduction
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Energy savings  

Permanent Installation

Florida is the storm capital of the US, with annual hurricane events and over 70 thunderstorm days per year, more than any other state. On the gulf coast, some years bring as many as 100 thunderstorm days. 

With so much extreme weather, the only practical storm defense solutions involve installations that are built to last. 

Unlike quick-fix, reactive protections such as boarding up windows, hurricane impact windows are permanently installed. They’re “always-on” and ready to defend your home against storms that arrive suddenly. 

Meanwhile, you don’t need to sacrifice the aesthetic and functional values of standard glass windows, even while your home is hurricane-protected on a permanent basis. 

UV Light Filtering

At Wind Safe Shutters, our hurricane windows are made with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Low-E glass contains thin layers of protective material that filter out 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. 

Outside Noise Reduction

The same protective layers within Low-E glass that block UV rays also provide soundproofing. 

Compared to standard window glass, Low-E glass reduces outside noise from entering the home by up to 34 percent, creating a more peaceful indoor environment. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality 

Along with UV light filtering and outside noise reduction, you’ll notice improved HVAC efficiency—along with lower utility bills—when you install hurricane impact windows. 

Impact windows are stronger, resulting in a reduction in air leakage. That efficiency helps you maintain your home’s desired temperature and air quality at reduced expense. This benefit is particularly appealing during the intense heat of Florida summers. 

Hurricane Protection for Florida Homeowners

Wind Safe Shutters provides superior hurricane protection solutions for Florida residents, serving these regions:

  • Naples
  • Fort Meyers and Fort Meyers Beach
  • Tampa and St. Petersburg
  • Marco Island
  • Bonita Springs
  • Estero
  • Collier and Lee Counties

Our products exceed the rigorous safety requirements of the Florida and Miami-Dade County building codes for high-velocity hurricane zones. 

To learn more about hurricane impact windows and other storm defense solutions, contact Wind Safe Shutters to arrange an in-home estimate.