How UV Protection Works for Impact Windows and Doors


Dermatologists and other health experts advise that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin and may even cause skin cancer. However, did you know UV rays can also damage your home? UV rays can penetrate your home’s windows and bring harmful light to your home’s contents when they do.

One of the best ways to avoid UV damage is by opting for UV protection on your impact windows. Naples, FL, and other South Florida areas regularly receive 260 days of sunshine. Wind Safe Shutters, a leading hurricane window installer, says South Florida homeowners should prepare and protect their homes from harmful UV rays with impact window installation.

What Are UV Rays?

UV rays are powerful invisible electromagnetic rays emitted by the sun, strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM. While you can’t see the UV rays, you can feel them, especially on a hot Florida day. UV rays that affect humans and property consist of two types: A and B. Both UV ray forms are powerful, but UVA features a longer wavelength plus can penetrate windows.

Health experts use the UV Index system to categorize the daily forecast of UV rays by Low, Moderate, High, Very High, and Extreme levels. Even during the winter months, parts of South Florida may rank Moderate to High at certain times of the day. For days rated at any level above Low, experts advise Florida residents and visitors to take precautions and shield themselves from the sun. However, if you go inside your home, you may still have the effects of UVA rays on your skin and home.

Dangers of UV Rays to Your Home

If left unchecked, UV rays may cause damage throughout your home. Many homeowners don’t consider UV rays and how they stream through their windows undetected until physical signs of damage appear. Traditional glass pane windows are no match for UVA rays, especially in South Florida. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 50% of UVA rays can penetrate glass. The robust nature of UVA rays poses a risk of damage to your home and health.

These rays often fade or bleach artwork and photographs while discoloring window treatments. Floors are particularly susceptible to damage from UV rays, especially hardwoods. The sun’s powerful rays often wear away flooring finishes, making it easier to scratch or damage the wood’s surface. UV rays can also bleach or lighten woods, such as hickory or red oak. In addition to discoloration, floors exposed to high UVA levels may crack or warp, requiring expensive repairs.

Luckily, there’s a solution. When installing hurricane impact windows, Naples, FL window experts Wind Safer Shutters LLC uses low e-glass (low emissivity), which delivers UV protection by filtering out 99% of harmful UV rays. The windows and doors can withstand severe pressure and hurricane-force winds, but they also offer lasting UV protection throughout the year.

Benefits to UV-Protected Hurricane Impact Windows in Naples, FL

In sunny South Florida cities such as Sarasota or Naples, FL, impact windows offer several benefits with UV protection. UV protective coating reduces the overall heat in your home and keeps heat inside for occasional cold days. The EPA finds impact windows with Low-E glass can reduce energy loss by up to 50%. UV protection on your impact windows allows you to enjoy less frequent electric bills from running your air conditioner.

Homeowners with hurricane impact windows in Naples, FL, and surrounding areas enjoy beautiful windows with complete visibility when they switch to low e-glass from Wind Safe Shutters LLC. Sunlight still streams in your home, and you enjoy an unobstructed view without harmful rays damaging fabrics, wood, and other materials. Hurricane impact windows feature solid construction, elegant design, and enduring quality. They also look great in any South Florida home.

Add UV-blocking Impact Windows in Naples, FL Today

With over 250 days of sunshine on average, Florida earns its nickname of Sunshine State, and the sunniest areas in Florida are in the Southern region. South Florida cities such as Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Naples, and Marco Island feature endless days of sunshine. The sun offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy beaches and outdoor activities year-round. Still, it often carries some harmful effects, particularly on your home. Don’t risk your treasured home’s floors and furniture to the sun. Get premier protection with impact windows. Contact Naples, FL window experts and installers Wind Safe Shutters. We are ready to install your new UV-protected hurricane windows.