Roll-Down Hurricane Screens Stand Up To Hurricanes

For parts of your home where you want to maintain “open-air” comfort without sacrificing protective strength against intense weather, roll-down hurricane screens are the perfect solution. 

Beyond storms, hurricane screens can also provide additional protection from sun, glare, and wind on calm days while still allowing visibility. Keep your favorite spaces breathable without worrying about their security.

Always Ready Hurricane Protection

When you’re preparing for a hurricane, every minute is valuable. The time, effort, and stress of nailing plywood boards over your windows takes attention away from other more pressing needs when you’re preparing to evacuate or shelter in place. 

At Wind Safe, we permanently install your roll-down hurricane screens on your home or commercial building. Simply roll them down when a storm approaches with either an electronic motor or a hand-crank.

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Let There Be Light

Wind Safe Shutters hurricane screens are see-through, allowing natural light into your home. Their construction means that, unlike a boarded-up window, that block the natural light and your view of the outdoors.

On a calm day, Wind Safe screens can continue filtering light into your home while continuing to provide additional shade. This also helps keep your home cooler by reducing the amount of direct sunlight that reaches your interior.

Privacy and Glare Reduction

Roll-down hurricane screens can provide additional privacy and reduce glare, even when there is no storm threat. The screens cut glare and limit visibility into your home or commercial space from the outside so that you can relax and enjoy fresh air comfortably. 

Keep Your Property’s Aesthetic Intact

When you’re improving your home’s hurricane defenses, you should not have to sacrifice its aesthetic for enhanced protection. Hurricane screens are available in a variety of colors, sizes, hood styles, and materials to complement the rest of your property’s appearance. 

Hurricane screens are also a perfect solution for commercial properties that wish to maintain a stylish aesthetic or need to comply with a landlord’s lease requirements.

Features of Our Roll-Down Hurricane Screens

Florida Building Code-Approved 

Each of our hurricane screens are Florida building code-approved for use on residential or commercial properties. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced protection without having to fret over code compliance. 

Easy Installation 

Hurricane screens can be easily installed as well as custom-sized to the dimensions of your windows. They remain permanently fixed and can be quickly rolled up or down with a hand crank or motor. 

Transparency for Daily Use

No matter the weather, use our hurricane screens to provide window protection, shade, and privacy on a daily basis. 

Self Stored and Easy Deployment

When not in use, the screen can easily be stored within the hood. This allows for both discrete storage and easy deployment when needed. 

Multiple Colors Options 

Choose from a variety of fabric colors to complement your home or commercial property’s aesthetic. Customizable options for screens, hoods, and tracks are available. 

Shade and Glare Reduction 

Enjoy peaceful shade and reduced glare, which can help create a cooler and more relaxing environment at home or your place of business.

Get Hurricane Screens for Your Home Today

Wind Safe installs customizable hurricane screens for homeowners and commercial properties throughout Naples, Fort Meyers, Fort Meyers Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, and the surrounding communities. To get started protecting your own windows, contact us today for a free consultation. 

All Wind Safe Products are measured and Custom Manufactured to precisely fit your home.


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