Never Had Storm Shutters? Here Are 5 Things To Know


There’s one word that sums up storm shutters for any home in Florida - essential.

Owning a home here without storm shutters is like owning a car without brakes. When things are moving along well, everything’s fine. But as soon as you need to stop, you can’t.

So for anyone who has so far ignored the need for them, or is simply new to the area, here are five things to know about storm shutters, and why they’re so critical for any home in Florida.

Plywood isn’t a solution

Many homeowners react to a big storm warning with a bandaid approach - nail up some plywood over your windows and hang on tight.

This is a mistake. It is actually several mistakes at once.

Simply put, plywood isn’t bulletproof. Nor is it strong enough to completely protect against anything a hurricane can throw at it. It’s far better than no protection, but it’s not designed to withstand that force.

There’s also unlikely to be a ready supply of quality plywood when you need it most. Unless you’re able to have a stockpile in your garage, you’ll likely find it hard to come by and will have to settle for whatever you can get.

Hastily installed plywood can be ripped from the home by a strong storm. It takes more than just a few nails to get the job done. And once it’s over, you’ve created holes into the structure of your home, enough to cause permanent damage and access for pests. This introduces a whole host of new problems.

Hurricane shutters will help protect your wallet as well

Naturally, the first reaction to the cost of hurricane damage is in repair and replacement of things in your home - and the home itself. Professionally installed, hurricane-rated storm shutters will prevent a major access point for these massive storms, protecting your belongings from damage in the first place. And don’t forget - there’ll be no broken glass or replacing shattered or damaged windows.

However, there are three other financial benefits to having storm shutters as part of your home. One is lower insurance rates. In fact, many insurance companies won’t even consider offering you a policy without them in known hurricane-prone locations.

Secondly, home resale values improve with the enhanced curb appeal and security of storm shutters.

Lastly, because they’re energy-efficient, storm shutters will help lower that air conditioning bill all Floridians dread.

There are a variety of options to choose from

Storm shutters will not make your house resemble a fortress (sorry, if that’s what you’re looking for…). Today’s storm shutters add to the aesthetic of your home with a wide variety of options and styles to choose from. Wind Safe Shutters offers everything from roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, clear storm panels, and more to suit any home.

Storm shutters add a layer of security post-storm

Once a major storm has passed, there’s often a period of extended cleanup in the area even though your home has been fully protected from nature’s wrath. There are times when homeowners can’t immediately get back to their homes after a hurricane. Storm shutters also protect from human damage when opportunists become scavengers. Professionally installed storm shutters protect against this sort of threat as well.

Professional installation makes all the difference

As with most home improvement items, storm shutters are available from big box stores. However, the vast majority of homeowners don’t have the skill and experience necessary to install storm shutters properly. Oftentimes, homeowners will turn to a third-party option (a contractor, a handyman, a neighbor who’s “good at fixing things”), instead of a licensed, certified, and bonded professional.

Improper installation can damage both the shutters and the home - a costly mistake. It could even void your warranty and jeopardize your insurance policy.

There are also local legalities that must also be followed. Professional installation takes care of any permits, certifications, and zoning laws that might exist in your area.

Knowing the importance of storm shutters is the first step to protect your home and your family. A call to Wind Safe Shutters is the easy next step to get this critical job done right.