Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters Offer Outstanding Storm Protection

Roll-down shutters are a great solution for homeowners and businesses that are looking for complete peace of mind, knowing that you are protected from hurricane damage and unwelcome guests!

Always Ready Hurricane Protection

Wind Safe's roll-down hurricane shutters will be installed permanently installed on your home or commercial building so that they are always ready for use. Deployment is easy with an electric motor or a hand crank.

More Than Storm Protection

Once deployed, your Wind Safe rolling shutters will create a shield for your home from windborne objects during a storm, making your home virtually impenetrable to intruders. We can even provide keyed locks to further increase your security. 

Additionally, our roll-down hurricane shutters are designed for thermal performance. Once closed, your shutters will significantly reduce heat gain, making your HVAC system more efficient, and they provide protection for your furniture floors and other furnishings that might fade due to exposure to the sun.

The Best Quality Rolling Hurricane Shutters

Wind Safe Shutters is committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and services available. Whether you're enclosing windows, a patio, or the entire building, a roll-down shutter solution is perfect for you!

Incorporating interlocking, double-walled reinforced extruded aluminum slats, these roll-down shutters are designed for maximum protection from storm damage and unwanted intrusion. Shutters are available up to 24-foot spans.

Our rolling shutters come with a durable powder-coated finish available in a wide range of colors to match most styles and decor. Aside from our standard color selections, custom colors are available upon request.

We live and work here in Southwest Florida. We know what it takes to protect homes from Ft. Myers to Estero during hurricanes.

Features of Our Rolling Hurricane Shutters

  • HVHZ Compliant and Non-HVHZ Compliant
  • Up to 24 foot spans
  • Designed and tested inaccordance with 2017 Florida Building Code 6th edition and ATSM E 330/ E 1886 / E1996 standards
  • Impact level d = will withstand a 9lb large missle impact
  • Available vented, solid, and viewport slats in a variety of colors including white, ivory, beige and bronze
  • Our unique design allows the slats to roll tighter, minimizing the profile of the box
  • The smaller slat size allows for a quieter operation and reduces the lifting tension on the motors
  • Slat endlocks are attached with 10 x 2.5" stainless steel screws


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