4 Signs That Your Shutters Need To Be Repaired by Wind Safe Shutters


Hurricane shutters are essential for Florida homeowners to protect their homes, but they must have proper maintenance to extend their life and function properly. Sometimes, they need additional service and repair. As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches, Sunshine State homeowners should evaluate their shutters’ strength and security against a storm, then have a qualified expert address any vulnerabilities.

Why Consider Naples, FL, Storm Shutter Repair

The months before Florida’s hurricane season starts are the perfect time to address any issues with your hurricane shutters. Not only do you want to ensure your shutters can function well when experts forecast a tropical storm or hurricane for your area, but it can also be a wise financial decision regarding insurance claims. Some home insurance companies, including Citizens Insurance, the largest property insurer in Florida, will even charge homeowners who don’t use their storm shutters, then file a claim for damage.

Shutter installers and experts in hurricane shutter repair, Naples, FL’s Wind Safe Shutters, LLC, is here to help make sure you’re ready for upcoming storms. Here, we share our 4 signs your hurricane shutters need to be repaired by Wind Safe Shutters and why.

#1 Your hurricane shutters don’t close properly or all the way

If you haven’t tested your shutter’s function yet, start today. Watch how they close and if they close properly. Do they close swiftly and smoothly, or do they require a lot of pressure? Do they refuse to close at all?

Your hurricane shutter needs to close correctly to protect your home and windows against the hurricane. If your storm shutters don’t close as they should, it’s a sign you need to call in an expert to determine the cause. Potential causes for your hurricane shutters not closing properly could be any of the following:

  • Broken motor
  • Trouble with the tracks
  • Broken or missing slats
  • Debris blocking the tracks
  • Other shutter damage

You shouldn’t try to fix your hurricane shutters yourself, or you could worsen the problem. You need an experienced repair service to address the issue; that’s where we come in.

#2 There’s visible damage to your shutters

Cracks, dents, tears, chips, or rips can weaken your shutter’s strength and make it unstable during a storm. If your hurricane shutters are weak, they might not stand up in extreme weather. Hurricane shutters help protect your windows and home from flying debris, so an expert must fix any defects before a hurricane. Have an expert from Wind Safe Shutters, LLC, look at your shutters. We can determine any necessary fixes and ensure your home is well-protected against hurricanes.

#3 Your hurricane shutters are loose

Do your hurricane shutters rattle or don’t seem like they’re installed correctly? They might be loose, meaning they won’t protect your window or door properly during a storm. Storm shutters are a barrier between the elements and your home, but if they’re loose, that barrier isn’t complete. Loose hurricane shutters are dangerous in a storm, especially a hurricane. Hurricane Ian ravaged Florida in 2022 with 150 MPH winds. Ian was a Category 4, but even a less powerful storm risks damage to your home with loose hurricane shutters.

If a severe storm has very high winds, your hurricane shutter could become a flying projectile if the wind knocks it away. However, a loose shutter doesn't offer adequate protection even if the shutter doesn’t blow off. High winds and debris may batter your windows, and without the shutter, they could crack. You risk significant damage to your windows with loose storm shutters.

#4 They’ve come off the track

Hurricane storm shutters use a track to guide their movements properly. If your shutters no longer glide smoothly along their track, you may have unsightly gaps and may not withstand a hurricane's high winds. If debris flies toward your home, the shutter’s openings may let debris in, risking window damage and even damage to the interior of your home.

Contact Wind Safe Shutters Today for Hurricane Shutter Repair

If your hurricane shutters show any damage or had damage during 2022’s hurricane season, they need repair now. When it comes to storm shutter repair, Naples, FL, homeowners trust us to get their shutters working again.

We offer service throughout Naples, plus Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Fort Myers Beach. We can ensure your storm shutters have the correct alignment, are durable, and operate properly. Don’t delay your shutter repair needs until hurricane season starts; contact us today.