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The Benefits of Hurricane Shutters in Naples, FL

The Atlantic hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30, and it’s still an excellent time for homeowners in Naples to consider hurricane shutters. A leading provider of hurricane protection for Naples and other South Florida residents, Wind Safe Shutters, LLC urges homeowners to fortify their homes today. They install hundreds of accordion hurricane shutters Naples, FL homeowners rely on to keep their homes safe.

Accordion hurricane shutters use vertical aluminum slats and are installed in openings of any width. They offer premier protection for windows, balconies, patio doors, and doors, plus they adhere to all Florida building safety codes. Here are just a few of the valuable benefits that adding hurricane shutters, Naples, FL homeowners experience.

End the Hurricane Season Safe and Secure

The best reason to install hurricane shutters on your home is the peace of mind they deliver for the current and future hurricane seasons. According to the Weather Channel, the Atlantic Hurricane Season should include at least one named storm and at least “one November hurricane roughly every three years.” November Hurricanes in Florida aren’t unheard of, and residents should still be mindful of the possibilities. Previous Florida hurricanes included:

  • Hurricane Nicole, 2022
  • Hurricane Ida, 2009
  • Hurricane Jeanne, 2004
  • Hurricane Mitch, 1998
  • Hurricane Kate, 1985
  • Yankee Hurricane, 1935

Even if a major storm doesn’t hit at the end of 2023, residents who opt for accordion hurricane window shutters in Naples, FL, are wise to prepare early. When the 2024 hurricane season rolls around, they will be ready and can focus on other hurricane preparation needs.

Save On Home Insurance Costs

Did you know installing hurricane shutters may offer a wind mitigation discount on your home insurance? Florida state law requires insurers to give homeowners discounts to protect their homes against windstorms. The Wind Mitigation credits apply for five years of the homeowner’s policy.

Per NerdWallet, the average cost of Florida home insurance as of October 2023 is $4,218 with a hurricane deductible and $2,246 without. More than 30 insurance providers have left the Sunshine State since 2020, and insurance costs aren’t declining. Discount availability and amount vary by insurer; however, homes located in wind-prone areas may receive discounts of up to 15% or more. Contact your insurance agency and check their website for available discounts.

Receive High Performance With Low Maintenance

Believe it or not, hurricane shutters have low maintenance needs yet deliver great performance against hurricanes. Homeowners should clean their shutters once a year, removing any debris and leaves. You don’t need expensive or abrasive cleaning solutions either. Just use warm water and a light coating of soap to scrub gently, then rinse with cold water from a bucket, not a pressure washer. Finally, let them air dry. You can end with an approved silicone spray lubricant to keep your shutters moving smoothly. If your shutters don’t close all the way, are off the track, or have visible damage, you can contact Windsafe Shutters, LLC for repair.

Enjoy More Durability and Customization Than Traditional Hurricane Protection Methods

Hurricane shutters are a long-lasting method of hurricane protection for multiple storms. They offer far superior protection than plywood and nails, yet are easy to operate, compared to the time-consuming task of covering every window by hand with plywood. Nailing plywood to your home’s exterior can also cause damage to your home’s structure. Hurricane shutters are also specifically designed to meet the needs of your home, thanks to their customization. You can choose the colors and slat style you prefer; hurricane shutters are available in up to 24-foot spans. It’s easy to add protection without compromising on the style of your home.

Keep Your Home Safe from Flying Objects

A Category 1 hurricane may be the lowest rating on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, However, it still features sustained winds of 75 to 95 MPH. The high winds can blow out windows if left unprotected. Blown-out windows bring the risk of flying projectiles such as lawn items, building materials, and other objects that can damage your home’s interior as well as cause potential injury. Accordion hurricane shutters form a secure barrier against the elements to protect you and your family.

Protect Your Home Against Tornados

While hurricane safety is a definite concern for Florida homeowners, when it comes to accordion hurricane shutters, Naples, FL, homeowners also enjoy protection against tornadoes. The FSU Climate Center says the Sunshine State has the highest frequency of tornadoes per 10,000 square miles than any other state, including Oklahoma and others in the “Tornado Alley.” They note the coast between Tampa Bay and Fort Myers has “a particularly high incidence.” In August 2023, a tornado touched down near the Naples Airport, while in 2022, a tornado in Fort Myers destroyed homes after reaching 118 MPH, the strongest in the state since 2016. Tornadoes are common in Florida, but homeowners may have limited time to prepare once the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issues a Tornado Watch or Warning. Having a home with hurricane shutters means you can cover your windows quickly to reduce the damage from a tornado.

The Top Choice for Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Naples, FL

Residents of Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, and the surrounding areas who want to protect their homes choose Wind Safe Shutters, LLC. In addition to the durability, ease of installation, and customizable options available to homeowners, Wind Safe Shutters meet all Florida building standards plus may yield valuable insurance savings. Get your Collier County home hurricane-ready today.

To learn more about Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Bonita Springs, FL, and to schedule a consultation, please visit or call Bill at 239-209-1847. Located at 3887 Mannix Dr STE 621, Naples, FL 34114