What Are Hurricane Shutters? The Complete Guide

what are hurricane shutters

As a hurricane approaches your neighborhood, window protection becomes a top priority. 

Glass panes are extremely vulnerable to wind and debris. If your windows can’t resist the storm, the elements come rushing into your home. Broken windows during a storm leave the interior of your home vulnerable.

To help prevent broken windows during intense Florida storms, install hurricane shutters. This simple improvement provides a durable defense against the vicious wind and rain that strikes your home during a hurricane. 

Types of Hurricane Shutters

Unlike regular window shutters, hurricane shutters are installed specifically for the purpose of home and window protection. 

Standard window shutters on the interior side of a window are primarily used to block sunlight and provide privacy. 

Hurricane shutters are installed on the exterior of a window. They’re built from materials that are strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris. 

There are two varieties of hurricane shutters that are most commonly used for storm protection:

  • Accordion shutters
  • Roll-down shutters

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are vertical slats, sized to the width of a window. They open and close horizontally between an upper and lower track. This type of shutter can be operated from the outside, or from the inside by first removing the window screen. 

Accordion shutters are permanently installed providing a good economic solution for

your home. Clear acrylic slats can be installed to provide a view.

Roll-Down Shutters

Like accordion shutters, roll-down shutters offer durable window and door protection that can be permanently installed. The shutter rolls up and down vertically from the top of the window/door. 

Roll-down shutters are favored for their convenience and ease of use. In just a few moments, they can be rolled down over windows and doors before a storm, then just as easily rolled back up after the storm clears. 

Roll-down shutters are often larger than accordion shutters. The shutter is placed over a window and door, rather than within its dimensions, covering the entire frame. This style of 100 percent window/door coverage helps create a sense of calm in your home as you wait out the heavy winds and rains of a major storm. 

Roll- down shutters can be either made of aluminum or woven fabric, both meeting or exceeding

required hurricane standards. View ports can be installed in aluminum shutters providing see

through visibility, while the fabric products are see-through.

Benefits of Hurricane Shutters 

Hurricane shutters provide a major upgrade to your home’s defense against extreme storms. A few other key benefits come with your storm protection when you add these strong, secure, and permanently installed features. 

Complement Your Home's Aesthetic 

There’s no need to compromise aesthetic value when you upgrade your home’s storm defenses. Hurricane shutters are available in a diverse range of styles and colors to keep your home looking beautiful while maintaining protection against extreme weather events. 

Increase Your Home’s Market Value

With extreme weather being a serious fact of life in Florida, residential and commercial property buyers prefer structures that are well-defended. Features like hurricane shutters are a low-effort upgrade that improves a property’s market value. 

Thermal Control

High-quality shutters improve your home’s thermal control. When hurricane shutters are closed, they help block airflow. This effect protects your indoor air temperature and air quality while providing noticeable savings on your summer cooling expenses. 

No Home Damage From Installation

Last-minute emergency protection strategies, like using plywood to board up your windows, are ineffective. Any method that involves nailing protective barriers to the exterior of your home will also do damage to your walls or siding, ripping up the material and leaving nail holes. 

Do Hurricane Shutters Need Maintenance?

To maximize your hurricane shutters’ longevity, keep them clean. 

Cleaning is quick and simple. Use soap and warm water to gently scrub and rinse your shutters while they’re fully opened. Then, allow time for full air-dry before retracting them. 

To keep your shutters in top condition, keep them lubricated with a clear silicone spray lubricant. 

Get Hurricane Shutters for Your Florida Property

Wind Safe Shutters provides hurricane protection solutions for Florida residents, including hurricane shutters, hurricane impact windows, and hurricane screens. 

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