Why Impact Windows Are A Worthwhile Investment

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In the last 23 years, Florida has witnessed 79 hurricanes or tropical events, including several Category 5 hurricanes. Homeowners should now think about preparing for the coming 2023 hurricane season by installing impact windows. Naples, Florida’s Wind Safe Shutters, LLC urges homeowners to outfit their homes with premier wind mitigation measures, such as impact windows.

Impact windows feature a solid frame design with laminated glass. Like storm shutters, they offer protection against the high winds and flying debris common during a hurricane. Not only do they provide excellent defense against hurricanes, but they offer a variety of benefits for any Florida homeowner. Here's why impact windows are a worthwhile investment for your home.

Why Install Impact Windows?

Protect Your Home and Family: Impact windows offer protection from severe weather, including hurricanes and tropical systems. A primary reason to install them is your home’s protection against damage from hurricanes and tropical systems. Impact windows can withstand winds up to 157 MPH, while glass pane windows withstand much less. If a traditional glass window breaks from a flying projectile during a storm, that object may soar into your home and seriously injure you or a family member. It may also destroy your home.

High Protection, Low Maintenance: With new impact windows, Naples, FL, and surrounding area homeowners will be ready for the next hurricane season. Preparing for a coming storm won’t take nearly as much time as boarding up windows with plywood. Impact windows are not only an excellent form of hurricane protection in your home; they require only routine maintenance to stay in top shape.

Improve Your Home's Value: Florida’s real estate market is one of the most competitive in the country. Adding impact windows is a sound investment. If your existing windows are older or need repair, opting for them over regular glass pane windows offers more security and value for potential buyers.

Increase Energy Efficiency: In Naples, FL, impact windows are an excellent addition to a home for their beauty and efficiency when installed with low e-glass. According to Energy Star data, switching out your traditional single-pane windows for impact windows with Low E-glass (Low Emissivity) windows may reduce your annual energy costs by $126 to $465. It largely depends on which type of windows you replace.

Update Your Home’s Appearance: Hurricane window installation for your Florida home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can customize your windows in frame color and style for a great look. You may also adhere to any guidelines as part of your HOA or community requirements.

Reduce Interior Damage: One of the worst effects of a traditional glass pane window breaking is the atmospheric shift in your home. When a window breaks, it destabilizes the pressure of a building, which could lead to a roof or wall collapse.

Add UV Protection: Impact windows look great, offer protection against hurricane winds, and can help with UV filtering. You can choose them with additional UV protection to reduce 99% of harmful UV rays in your home. Adding UV protective coating to your windows filters out UV rays and lets you have beautiful windows. More importantly, they mitigate the damage UV rays can cause to your flooring, artwork, and furniture.

Save on Home Insurance: Installing new impact windows in your home can help you save on home insurance costs. Florida requires homeowners insurance companies to offer discounts based on wind-damage mitigation, including protecting your windows. Based on your insurance company, you may qualify for a policy discount after adding impact windows to your home. Installing hurricane windows on your home also helps reduce your risk of damage from a hurricane, which equals a lower potential damage claim.

Secure your Home: Impact windows protect your home against non-weather thefts, such as vandalism or burglaries. They undergo extreme testing, incorporating a variety of attacks, including a steel ball from a height of 40 feet. A thief's crowbar or brick is no match for these windows, whereas a traditional window can shatter instantly.

Prep Your Home with Impact Windows Now

Consider impact windows if you want premier hurricane protection for your home. Their durability and high quality makes these windows an excellent investment for your Florida home. Hurricane season will soon be here, and the best time to prepare is the months before it begins. When they add impact windows, Naples, FL, and other Collier County homeowners make a solid choice for hurricane protection that will give them great value for the coming storms.